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Concrete Lifting

Most homes have concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios. These various concrete slabs sit right on top of expansive clay soils and are subject to settlement. They are also exposed to rain and erosion which can cause void and settlement issues as well. The expense to homeowners to have these concrete slabs replaced can be very costly. Precision Lift Polyurethane lifting foam is a much more cost-effective repair that can be injected through a few small holes in the slab. When the two parts of the foam mix, it expands and will raise the slab. Voids can also be filled by injecting the area with our Precision Lift foam.

This image is a sidewalk that approaches the front door of the home. The sidewalk has cracked and settled. It tilts more than three inches to the left. The sidewalk is a tripping hazard.
This image is a sidewalk. It approaches the front door of the home. It is flat and level and has been repaired using Precision Lift Polyurethane lifting foam. There is no more tripping hazard.

Concrete Crack Repair

One of the general rules of concrete is that it will crack at some point. Just because your concrete has cracked doesn't mean it needs to be replaced. Volunteer Home Services specializes in repairing cracks in concrete. After cleaning out the loose debris and any previous repair, we use a concrete-specific polyurethane sealant and then top that with a tinted fine aggregate to help blend the sealant with the concrete. 

This image shows a concrete driveway that has numerous large cracks going down and across the slab. The cracks are dark from shadows cast in them.
This image shows a driveway. It has cracks that have been repaired with a concrete-specific polyurethane sealant. The sealant is topped with a tinted aggregate to help blend with the color of the concrete. This makes the cracks hard to see now.
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