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Is your crawl space humidity too high? Probably.

If you live in the south and have a home that is built over a crawl space, you may have too much humidity. Some of the moisture in the air comes from the ground, which is why you need a six-mil plastic vapor barrier at a minimum. Much of that humid air comes from outside and flows into your crawl space through the vents around your home. Too much humidity leads to condensation on ducting and even the framing of your home. When the wood has condensation form on it, fungi can grow. Volunteer Home Services can repair your crawl space and manage the high humidity, and we'll be happy to get you scheduled for a free quote. You can provide your preferred method of contact and the address of the property on Facebook through Messenger, text to (423) 682-0260, or here

through our website at and we'll reach out with the next available appointment time for you.

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