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This image shows a settled driveway slab where it meets the garage. It has a tripping hazard and holds water.
This image is a driveway approach to the garage. The slab has been raised and the tripping hazard eliminated.

These homeowners reached out to Volunteer Home Services because they had water running down the driveway and into the garage. The driveway had settled more than three inches and had changed the way water drained causing it to flood into the basement on a few occasions. Through the use of Precision Lift Polyurethane Foam, we were able to lift the driveway slab back to where it was originally poured which corrected the drainage issues and also managed the trip hazard where the driveway transitioned into the garage.

This image shows a set of steps that settled five inches and created a dangerous tripping hazard. There is also a large crack in the sidewalk that is a tripping hazard.

Volunteer Home Services was called out to this home because of the more than five-inch drop that the front steps had experienced and also for the large trip hazard crack in the sidewalk. We mechanically raised the sidewalk portion with the steps to bring them back within tolerance and then filled the void with Precision Lift Polyurethane Foam. Next, we raised the lower portion of the sidewalk with the lifting foam to remove the trip hazard and then sealed the crack to help prevent further water intrusion.

This image shows a set of steps and sidewalk that have been raised with polyurethane lifting foam and are safe to use now. The tripping hazard in the sidewalk is also gone.
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